Company Profile

Zenith was established in the year of 2000 by our founder Late Shri Ramniklal Soni as an organization which has been built brick by brick on the foundation of care and giving our best to “CONTRIBUTE FOR HEALTH AND WELLBEING” for human life. This is growing strong with a clear vision and mission to provide the best quality product at a cost effective price.

A WHO-GMP compliant manufacturing unit and Quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified (Euro-UK Certification body). We are specialized in manufacturing high quality and affordable Medicines to support our patients in need. Zenith offers a wide range of formulations in various forms such as ORS Powder, Liquid Oral, Ointments, Creams, Gels and Liquid Externals, Capsules, Tablets.

Zenith is enjoying respectable market share through his 100% owned subsidiaries Biozen Healthcare and Biogenesis Corporation in India.

Zenith has gain expertise in manufacturing oral rehydration salt and presently one of the largest manufacturers of ORS sachets in central India. The quality of our product is been trusted by Ajanta Pharma, Micro Labs, May & Bakers, Troikaa etc and recognized by more than 10 states of Indian government as consistent suppliers

Zenith is enjoying respectable market share through his 100% owned subsidiaries Biozen Healthcare and Biogenesis Corporation in India.

Zenith has gain expertise in manufacturing oral rehydration salt and presently one of the largest manufacturers of ORS sachets in central India. The quality of our product is been trusted by Ajanta Pharma, Micro Labs, May & Bakers, Kopran, etc and recognized by more than 10 states of Indian government as consistent suppliers.

Mission & Vision


To become the world's most preferred pharmaceutical company by applying latest technology and innovation to serve best quality products which complying highest regulatory standards to the business and the society by the way of innovative thinking, Pharmacology knowledge and collaborations of develop our ideas in to new medicines / molecules along with coordination of our experienced field staff, we want to Mission serve the world.


To deliver medicines that enables every human kind to live Healthier, happier and active lives at most affordable cost and to help out medical fraternity by innovating Novel Drug Delivery System and dosage forms for the betterment of human's lives.

We at Zenith Drugs Pvt. Ltd. believe that the quality is result of high intension, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution with our highly qualified team.

Board of Directors

Sandeep Bhardwaj


Technical Taskmaster with more than 2 decades of expertise in pharmaceutical business management Profound understanding of Pharmaceutical manufacturing and entire Supply chain has guided Zenith to offer Qualitative and cost-efficient products to its customer a great visionary and Judicious foresight of him helped Zenith to maintained sustainable growth year on year Zenith’s complete functioning and manufacturing supervision is been regulating by him.

Ajay Singh Dassundi


Marketing Maestro with more than 2 decades of in-depth Indian Market knowledge Backbone and Face of Zenith group for Indian market pertaining Marketing, Promotion and Customer Relationship Entire corporate strategy and brand promotion is been groomed with utmost care and latest industry prerequisite Presently, nurturing all brands under Zenith umbrella, New project on boarding and supply chain optimization is the result of his Expertise and Foresight vision.

Bhupesh Soni


Compliance Champion with more than 2 decades of exposure in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and corporate compliance Single handedly managing Government compliances and Tender performance under his guidance Zenith has made multifold growth in institutional business from Indian government Document obligations for Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Government liaison are standing strong under his discipline.

About the Premium Manufacturing Facilities

Zenith manufactures more than 250 molecules and 780 dosage forms in Manufacturing Facility which is designed as per latest WHO-GMP norms manufacturing units situated at Indore Madhya Pradesh, India has ultra-modern production facilities. This site has three separate facilities to produce Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Creams, Gels and Liquid Oral, Liquid External Lotions & Solutions. Zenith has a big warehouse to keep finished formulations safely.

Zenith’s manufacturing strengths have established it as a leading contract manufacturer and producer of world-class generics, branded generics and a major supplier of specialty pharmaceutical formulations. Besides using the most stringent monitoring processes and technology, Zenith uses the best in the class APIs and excipients to produce world-class pharmaceutical products. A team of pharmaceutical quality experts minutely scans every stage of production.

Quality Policy at Zenith

The quality is paramount importance and stringent checks go into every product we manufacture. Our principles of excellence and Into every product we manufacture.

Our principles of excellence and the emphasis to ensure a culture of uncompromising quality, Culture of uncompromising quality, has earned us a remarkable reputation remarkable reputation Reputation with our Trade customers and Institutional buyers.

We’re committed to achieving zero-defect and implement strict quality controls to Quality controls to ensure that every product released from its Manufacturing facility adheres to all applicable quality and Regulatory standards


We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities & laboratories At Zenith are equipped with ultra-modern machineries that is cGMP compliant in conformity with national and international Standards, highly sophisticated equipment’s & instruments.Highly qualified & experienced Quality Assurance officials assure strict regulatory and process compliance. Assure strict regulatory and process compliance. Well-equipped QC Department ensures the highest compliance Of quality standards. The company’s continuous proactive Efforts on the present and future needs of the market areDedicated to meeting the customer requirements and satisfaction Levels through consistent development of Technology, Quality & Packaging.



Innovative Culture at Zenith

Zenith as an company aims to achieve calibre through innovation, by being a fountainhead of new technical ideas generated through regular customer interactions, Continuous market survey and market observations. Constant and consistent efforts are aimed at improving the existing products through technological innovation with association & the guidance of its valued business partners.

The company’s Corporate Model comprises improvisation in existing products, Formulations Development, and Development in Process & Packaging, Technological Developments, and Sustained improvement in Product Quality, Prompt Deliveries, prompt & timely Service for Customer Satisfaction.

Quest for innovation is the driving force for investment in advanced technology. Thus, with its strong infrastructural base and technical progress. Zenith also meets some percentage of medicinal requirements in India. With ultra-modern equipments, Zenith has been developing new formulations for years. The result unveils in the form of making it the icon of quality healthcare in India

Making innovation its building block, the company has brought technological revolution in the production strategies of medicines. The unflinching endeavors of the highly technical and dedicated staff have brought innovation not only in its existing products, but also in Formulations and Development, and various facets of production amongst others.

Zenith’s innovative maneuvers spread across all stages of the life cycles of a product and concept. When it comes to novel ideas and executions, there is no limit that the company marks as the limit. It goes the full house to create innovation, be it for a product, technology, process or a concept.

Formulations & Development

Zenith is a technology driven organization supported by extensive F&D departments; coupled with well equipped laboratories and best talented technical officials of the industry. Great Emphasis is laid on Upgrading process technology, Cost reduction, Pilot plant Research, Improvement in Quality, Optimum utilization of resources, Development of new products. In its essence, improving the quality of formulations and developing newer & innovative dosage forms are the ongoing jobs of the F&D departments. Zenith Laboratory is fully equipped for Physical and metallurgical testing, Micro-biological testing, Effective controls of the process, Chemical testing, Pharmacological testing, Stability Studies etc.

Zenith has not only the new products that we work towards but we work on making the existing ones better. The direction of the effort covers all ground starting from ingenious, simple, path breaking, and 1st timers to cost effective. We work at simple things that make a world of a difference when it comes to patient compliance, increased bioavailability, patient comfort, doctor confidence etc and reflects the ground we cover for customers along with our clients. We work at making ORS Powder, Ointments, Gels, Creams, Oral Liquid & External Liquid, tablets & capsules smaller by working on new occupants, making them cheaper; increasing the absorption of drugs by NDDSs and novel packing ideas.



Zenith contributes for health and wellbeing to provide trusted medicines that help people lead healthier lives. The organization shares a passion for contribution for health & quality that goes way beyond business and statutory requirements. Zenith has unmatchable standards and manufacture best quality products & brands, satisfying norms for all multinationals & big pharmaceutical houses of the country & international pharmaceutical houses & qualifying International and National Audits.

Our working standards are based on the principle that the key to stay ahead in competition is ‘Quality’. The company believes that the product will rule the market only when it conforms to the quality requirement of the customer – first time and every time, meeting world-class standards. Zenith's Quality team ensures the delivery of high standard products by conducting step by step review.

Zenith has undertaken to work under the aegis of Total Quality Management (TQM) “To create customer and to retain customer within organization and outside organization” by fulfilling customer’s needs, expectation and satisfaction by acting on it. Organization’s leadership having Vision, Direction, shared values by setting challenging Targets & Goals and implementation of same through involvement of people at all management levels by using Knowledge, Experience and Continuous Training. A process and system approach based work results into organization’s effectiveness and efficiency by continuous Improvements and up gradation. Decisions and actions are based on the analysis of data and information by using suitable management’s tools and technology.


The pharma industry in India and globally is on a constant growth curve. In the dynamic milieu of this flourishing sector, the government regulation and policy changes always on a roll. Zenith is a trend setter when it comes to obtaining DCGI permissions & approvals. Zenith has a distinguished regulatory department specifically for DCGI approvals. The department in coordination with New Product Development Team works towards the needs and wants of the business partners.

The Bio-Equivalence studies & Clinical Trials are also arranged by the said department as and when asked by DCGI and various country’s ministry of health for registration of the products.