Quality Control

Consistently working to deliver industry best Products and services to our customers, which will meet and surpass their expectations. We commit ourselves, as a company and as individuals, to strive for continuous quality improvement. To achieve this, we will create an environment that encourages our employees and suppliers to prevent defects and we can serve to the human kind.

Quality Management System

Zenith has developed a comprehensive quality management system by following globally recognized standards and best practices. The primary objective of the Quality Management System is to adhere to stringent requirements of various global regulatory bodies, and provide safe and effective products to customers and in turn patients.

Quality Assurance

Zenith believes in the policy – “Right First Time”. Our team of professionals follow planned and systematic activities so that our customers get the best quality product which has become one of our greatest assets. Our state-of-the-art facilities, reliable vendors and competent staff help us manufacture High quality products

Manufacturing facility

Zenith manufactures more than 250 molecules and 780 dosage forms in Manufacturing Facility which is designed as per latest GMP norms and Implemented by a dedicated team of Highly Qualified, Experienced and Established Engineers and consultants of respective area like Pharmaceutical, Civil, Electricals, HVAC, Mechanical and other related processes.
The facility is equipped with latest technology and efficient HVAC system to provide controlled quality Air in the core areas as well as ancillary areas. In all the integrated system of HVAC consist of dedicated AHUs connected to respective condensing units and HEPA filters. The Ducting is designed in a way the same can be easily maintained and cleaned.
The manufacturing facility has installed latest and fully autonomous machineries to carry our routine manufacturing and supporting activities with least involvement of manual touch. Major installation consists of, fully automatic liquid manufacturing plant 2,000 Liter, Fully automatic Ointment manufacturing plant 500KG, Six head fully automatic Liquid filling machine, Twin head fully automatic ointment filling machine etc.
In addition to the manufacturing and warehousing area, Zenith has developed a state of art Quality Control Lab with separate sections of Instrument room, HPLC room, Chemical testing lab, Hot wash area, Documents room, Microbiology room, Control sample room, Stability area etc.
To ensure the quality of products being manufactured in the plant, we have adequate number of qualified persons, Technical staff, QA personnel, Chemists and Engineers.

Basic Profile

Self Contained Plants

Minimizing risk of contamination

Monolithic Epoxy Flooring

For perfect Cleanliness

Unidirectional Flow Of Process

From raw materials to dispatch


Minimizing risk of contamination


For process areas


Lint free gown, Complete with head gear