WHO-GMP Certified- 3/2016
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Manufacturing Facility

We Employ The Latest Research Technology & Company

The All-New Manufacturing Facility is Designed and Implemented by a dedicated team of Highly Qualified, Experienced and Established Engineers and consultants of respective areas like Pharmaceutical, Civil, Electricals, HVAC, Mechanical and Other related processes.

Over all Building Premises is divided in Manufacturing Area, R/M Store, P/M Store, QC Laboratory Block, Utility Service Area, Water Treatment Area, & Administration Block. Further the Man & Material flow has been maintained strictly as per the Current GMP norms to avoid the cross contamination and Mix-ups.

The Facility is Equipped with Latest Technology and Efficient HVAC system to provide required quality of Air in the Core areas as well as ancillary areas. In all the Integrated systems of HVAC consist of 19 AHUs connected to respective condensing Units & HEPA filters. The Ducting is designed such that the same is easily maintained & cleaned any time.

The Plant & Machinery Installed for the Manufacturing and Packaging are Latest and Fully Automatic involving Least Human Touch & Interference.

Following are the Major Equipments installed in the Manufacturing and Packaging Area are:
  1. Fully Automatic Liquid Manufacturing Plant 2000 Lits.
  2. Fully Automatic Ointment Manufacturing Plant 500 Kg
  3. Octagonal Blender 650 kg
  4. Shifter 40 inches
  5. Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Line 8 Head
  6. Fully Automatic Ointment Filling and Punching Machine 120 tube/Min
  7. ORS Sachet filling sealing Machine 8 Nos
  8. Purified Water Generation & loop 1000 Lits/Hrs

In addition to the Manufacturing and warehousing area, we have developed a state of art QC Laboratory which is having all required departments such as Instruments Room, HPLC Room, Chemical Testing Lab, Hot Wash Area, Documents Room, Microbiology Room, Control Sample Room & Stability Area in which all the required equipments are installed and being operated by technically qualified and experienced persons.

To ensure the quality of the Products being manufactured in the Plant, we have adequate number of Technical Staff including Manufacturing Chemists, QA personnel, QC Chemists and executives, Store In charge for R/M, P/M & Finished Goods, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Machine Operators & adequate Skilled and Unskilled Workers for Packing and Handling of Materials.

Coverage area of land & building


51000 Sq. Ft.

  • 17000 Sq. Ft. Ground Floor
  • 17000 Sq. Ft. First Floor
  • 3000 Sq. Ft. Second Floor
P/M Ware House
  • 7000 Sq. Ft. (Saperate)
  • 44000 Sq. Ft Total Build-up
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